Our mission is the same as it’s always been, but the need is more urgent than ever. We make a difference by creating professionally supported one-to-one matches for kids who want to realize their full potential. Our organization can’t make the impact we need in Flint and Genesee County without you. They have the potential to change the world. Be their ally.

Becoming a Defender of Potential is as easy as 1…2…3



Schedule your volunteer orientation and interview with our professional staff. The orientation will take about 30-45 minutes. If you decide that this is a good volunteer fit, you may continue with the in-person interview. This will take approximately an additional 45 minutes.



Complete the enrollment paperwork. This includes an application, criminal background check release, DHS Central Registry Clearance and copies of driver’s license or state issued identification card and proof of auto insurance.



Complete volunteer training. We train our volunteers even before they are matched to ensurehealthy relationship development. On-going volunteer training is available throughout the match’s lifecycle. Volunteer trainings are available on-line or in-person.

Ready to take the next step?

Zoom In for a Volunteer Orientation


Volunteer Application

A copy of auto insurance is also needed

Criminal History Check Release

DHS Central Registry Form

A copy of photo ID will be needed to process

Still have questions? Review our frequently asked questions below

Who are the Bigs in our program?

Our Bigs are community-focused individuals with a shared responsibility to support youth in realizing their fullest potential. They have diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. You don’t need a special degree or job skill. You just have to possess the desire to bring social change by positively impacting a young person’s life.

Who are the Littles in our program?

Our Littles are youth ages 6-18 who reside in Genesee County. Youth enrolled in our program are empowered through mentorship that clears the path for their biggest possible futures. They are our future doctors, engineers, teachers and even Presidents. All they need is someone to be their corner to help them realize their fullest potential.

Who are the Parents/Caregivers in our program?

Parents/Caregivers are vital partners with the agency. As the first line of defense for their child’s potential, they have united with Big Brothers Big Sisters in defending it. They recognize the urgency in providing mentorship to their child to help clear the path for their biggest possible future.

What are the requirements to become a Big?

Potential Bigs must meet the following criteria:

  • Reside in Genesee County
  • Complete enrollment process including orientation, in-person interview, consent to criminal background checks, provide character references and volunteer training
  • Commit to a minimum of 4-6 hours a month for a year
  • Have reliable transportation

When can I see my Little?

This is dependent on the program you are matched:

  • School-Based matches are restricted to match activities occurring ONLY at the school/site at the schedule program time.
  • Community-Based matches have the flexibility to schedule match activities that work for everyone’s schedule. Match activities should be scheduled on a regular and consistent basis. We recommend that the Big and Littles decide what they want to do and get approval from the Parent/Caregiver.

How much money will I spend being a Big?

We recognize that as a Big you are donating your time and talents. The main goal as a Big is to support the youth in realizing their own potential.  We encourage you to choose no/low-cost activities focusing on building a healthy relationship with your Little. Your Case Manager will be a resource for these activities. The agency may also provide opportunities to attend local sporting events and cultural activities for you to enjoy with your Little.

What type of activities may I do with my Little?

The most important thing is to keep it simple. You should always include your Little in the decision making of activities and get the Parent/Caregiver’s approval. Going for a walk in the park, baking cookies, throwing the ball around or simply running errands are all activities you may do with your Little. Choose an activity that allows you to get to know one another.

How will Big Brothers Big Sisters support me once I am matched?

BBBS prides itself in our professionally supported one-to-one relationship.  Once you’re matched, your case manager will communicate on a regular basis to offer assistance and guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact the agency if there is ever a time you are unsure how to handle a situation or unsure what to do. The monthly support contacts also provide an opportunity to update you on agency events and information.

I can’t commit to being a Big right now. How else may I support the agency?

Visit our DONATE  or EVENTS pages to read about ways to provide financial support to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flint and Genesee County-our mission, our cause, our kids

Will you come out to my business, church, or social club to present about your programs?

Absolutely! We love to share information about our mission, programs and agency. Please contact our main office at 810-235-0617 or email info@bbbsflint.org to schedule today.

How do I stay up to date on agency happenings?

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