Big Celebration, Big Awards, Big Rewards!

The Big Celebration Sponsored by Big John Steak & Onion held at The Durant was an overwhelming success. Award winners, donors, and patrons attend this upscale event and found themselves treated to a “green” carpet affair. The night began with appetizers, full course meal, and gourmet coffee and dessert bar. Patrons also participated in a live and silent auction that evening. The highlight of the night was presenting awards to the following 2018 winners

Michigan Big Sister of the Year-Karen Topolinski
Big Brother of the Year-Michael Keeler
Big Sister of the Year-Robin Zerka
Site Based Big of the Year-Eric Owens II
Corporate Sponsor-Curbco Incorporate
Start Something-Flint RECAST
Ceila Turner Above and Beyond-Mass Transportation Authority
For Kids’ Sake-Grand Blanc School District
Joe Shovel Lifetime Achievement-Mike Soboleski
Joe Ryder Leadership- ELGA Credit Union
50 Year Milestone-Posthumously-BS Jane Gillespie
30 Year Milestone-BS Norma Wells
27 Year Milestone-BS Ellen Brothers
20 Year Milestone-BS Sandra Miller
10 Year Milestone Posthumously-BB Jeffrey Wilson
10 Year Milestone-BS Cindy Morrill
10 Year Milestone-BB James Walls
10 Year Milestone-BS Brenda Brown
10 Year Milestone-BB Neal Fatheree
5 Year Milestone-BS Shirron McKinley
5 Year Milestone-BS Renae Smith
5 Year Milestone-BS Lynn Goff
5 Year Milestone-BS Karen Topolinski
5 Year Milestone-BB Anthony Vance
5 Year Milestone-BB Eric Brotherton
5 Year Milestone-BS Autumn Heddy
5 Year Milestone-BB Eric Cole
5 Year Milestone-BB Jeremiah Shilling
5 Year Milestone-BS Jolenne Stewart

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